Together Always Beats Apart



Last summer was my first experience as a coach for Junior Team USA.  One of my most memorable and powerful experiences I have ever been a part of was the development of the cohesiveness of our Team.  Junior Team USA brings in future stars from all walks of life and throughout our great country.  To become a successful team means the team must unify together and become ONE.  That is really hard in a little over one week.  Dr. Dean Hinitz was brought in to do just that - take a group of young and talented players and develop a strong, united team.  And that he did.  What Dr. Dean did in a day and a half was miraculous.  I have never seen a group of players who basically did not know each other and become a very tight and successful team.  As I refer to Dr. Dean - the magic man.  It truly was one of the most powerful things I have ever seen in bowling.