Don't Get Pipped

Team Bowlers - Act Differently


Wally Pipp may be the only baseball player famous for sitting the bench.  As the legend goes, Pipp was the New York Yankees longtime 1st baseman when, on June 2, 1925, he called in sick with a headache. Yanks manager Miller Huggins rested Pipp, recommended he pop an aspirin, and penciled in fresh talent.  That “fresh talent” was a little known slugger name Lou Gehrig who became one of the greatest baseball players of all time! This is a healthy reminder to act differently than how you feel.  Don’t Get Pipped! u.1.pipp.jpg


What a great reminder to show up everyday for work regardless of how we feel.  If you only feel 75% of your best, your mindset is still to give 100% of your 75%.  (Don't waste energy on the 25% you don't have today)


Win the Day!