Process Over Outcome

Process Over Outcome


Many players are so focused on the outcomes such as winning that they forget about the primary objective which is the PROCESS.  Scoring, earnings, results, winning, etc. are a function of great execution.  Thinking about the outcomes can pull your focus off of proper execution in competition.  Thinking about PROCESS is the answer.


I have witnessed players so focused in on the PROCESS of executing a shot, that they had no idea what frame it was and even after winning the match not realizing they won because they were “locked in” on the PROCESS.  This is proof that a bowler can cause his mind to think about PROCESS instead of outcome even with the possibility of winning pulling at him.


Imagine for a moment that you are entering the 10th frame and need the first strike to win the tournament for $100,000.  You are so focused in on simply executing the next shot that you don’t even know you will win if you strike.  That’s being present and “locked in” on the PROCESS.  So many players set goals that are only focused on outcomes.  Outcomes are uncontrollables.  I tell all my students/players not to waste one second of energy on uncontrollables.  The PROCESS is controllable.  Get “locked in” on executing the steps to succeed, which is the PROCESS.


I think Alabama’s Coach Saban and Connecticut’s Coach Geno Auriemma  teach the PROCESS in sports outside of bowling as good as anyone ever has.  Both of these legendary coaches are so “locked in” on the PROCESS that they at times don’t even know what the score of the game is.  In our sport, the University of Nebraska’s Coach Bill Straub is very similar as he is all about the PROCESS with his Lady Cornhuskers.  Whether you watch a practice of the Nebraska program or follow them in competition, Coach Straub never changes his coaching principle:  execute the PROCESS and the results take care of themselves.  Maybe this is why his teams year after year are bowling for the National Championship. 


When you’re committed to the process, you always win because you’re improving daily. You’re constantly moving towards what you want because of the tiny actions you’re taking.  Whether you are a player and/or coach start executing the PROCESS.  Your outcomes will take care of themselves.  Remember, it’s the journey that’s important.