Awareness - Mindset

Awareness - Mindset


Knowing yourself is essential for preparing yourself to compete.  Present moment awareness enables you to adjust shot to shot, and allows you take ownership of your performance.  You can’t control something you aren’t aware of.    A lack of awareness also results in a lack of learning - and a lack of learning shortens your bowling career.


The most challenging aspect of the mental game is learning to recognize when your performance is taking a turn for the worse and then developing a system to make the necessary corrections to return to a place of peak performance.


The recognition that you are having a performance breakdown is the primary and most crucial step in the process of bowling one shot at a time.  Recognizing where you are - mentally, emotionally, and physically is called Awareness.  All bowlers lose control of themselves on occasion, but it is the bowler who can correct him/herself the quickest who tends to perform consistently and in the end has more success.


In the coming week(s) we will simplify the idea of awareness by imaging a traffic signal light inside you.  We will discuss the Green Light (positive, present, confident) and Yellow/Redu.1.traffic light.jpg Light (losing confidence, not in the present moment, negative self-talk, focusing on uncontrollables, etc) system.  We will discuss the Traffic Light system at length and developing a routine and mindset that gives the bowler present awareness and how to stay Green Light. Check the 11th Frame Blog for an extensive coaching article on Awareness in the near future.


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