Peak Performance Bowling

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Mike Shady
World Champion
PBA National Champion
USBC National Champion
Collegiate National Champion
2006-Current: Top 100 Coach in the World

Lastest Ball Review:
Pivot Point



“This one day camp is SUPERIOR to any camp offered today.  It covers all components: physical technique, lane play, equipment, mental conditioning and preparation.  Mike is the game’s elite teacher today”
“Top notch drill techniques that develop elite technique – awesome camp”
“I took more out of this camp than any other camp I have attended. Best camp in our industry today”
“ I have been to all other camps around the country.  This camp should be priced much, much higher.  It will take my game to the next level”

Peak Performance Analysis

The student will be analyzed on all 7 Peak Performance Anchors.  All strengths and weaknesses will be discussed.  Students will be given specific skill drills for needed technique in the 7 PPB Anchors.
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Peak Performance Bowling Camps

Presented by PBA Champion

Mike Shady


The 2016 summer camps will focus on physical technique by analyzing each student on the seven peak performance anchors (specific "hot" spots needed to repeat and perform at the highest level).  Students will also develop ball motion tools (axis rotation angles, ball speeds, etc.) that enable the player to develop the needed bowling ball motion on specific lane conditions.  Ebonite's "new" Bowler's I.D. will be used in this summer's camps. Bowler I.D.

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Training Topics Include:
•Physical Game Development
"New" Bowler I.D.
•Ball Motion Tools
•One on One Development
•7 Peak Performance Anchors

Current Camps

Green Bay, WI - Enroll Now!

Camp is full. Waiting list only!

When:Saturday, July 30, 2016

Where: Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley, 2929 Allied St, Green Bay, WI 53404 Phone: (920) 336-0400

This is a Half Day Camp with 2 sessions. Each session is limited to 6 people.

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Pittsburgh, PA - Enroll Now!

Camp is full. Waiting list only!

When: Sunday June 5, 2016

Where: Nesbits’ Lanes, 3501 Leechburg Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15239
(412) 793-5556

This is a Half Day Camp with 2 sessions. Each session is limited to 6 people.

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